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Mozambique Skills Baseline Study

Mozambique has experienced a significant increase in activities associated with the mining and exploration of its mineral resources, with major oil and gas discoveries,development and production in the central region and anticipated development and production in the northern region. This has led to a dramatic increase in the inflow of foreign labour. Given the importance and high potential levels of economic growth that these projects might bring to Mozambique, together with the acknowledgement that the country does not have the required skills readily available to implement/deliver on these projects, the Government has approved the decree for contacting foreign labour in the mineral resources sector.

Although it is important for the Government to approve the inflow of foreign labour to the country to meet immediate needs, the Government is highly concerned about the lack of availability of Mozambicans to sustain these projects in the long term.The progressive increase in the activities of exploration and processing of mineral resources in Mozambique calls for a corresponding increase in qualified and seasoned technical professionals. The country is facing a general shortage of skilled labour especially in the mining, energy and chemicals industries, resulting in a very high dependency on foreign labour. [...]

Mozambique_Skills_Baseline_Study (2017)

Antonio Batel Anjo
Soraia Amaro
Zeferino Martins

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